The Brand

We’d like to introduce you to THE KAPE, a fashion house based out of the Dubai Design District, and now with a flagship store in The Dubai Mall, Fashion Avenue.

The mission of the label is to present traditional modest wear, especially the Abaya, a subtle but culturally significant garment, and to bring a contemporary look to a garment that has often been perceived with restraints. We refer to them as Kapes.

THE KAPE is built by a team of experts from diverse backgrounds but with a shared vision and passion. We take a modern interpretation of tailoring, luxury fabrics, and treatments as well as playful use of digital prints and embroidery. In simple words, preserving the past traditional look with a modern touch.

THE KAPE is a new brand on the scene of modest women’s fashion and has a different approach to garments, specifically the traditional Abaya. Needless to say, the message and name of the brand are soon to stick with women all over the UAE, and we needed an impactful interior design with it, so the challenge here was to align the store’s design with that of its collection.

We achieved balance and harmony between the overpowering features of both elements, specifically between the smoothness of one, and grainy accented veins of the other. The rest of the premise was adorned with decorations like sofas, hanging bars, and a chaotic fitting room. It was created using metallic screens with a champagne-tinted finish; together with a warm red comfy carpet makes it an interesting yet refreshing fitting room.

Flagship store

The Dubai Mall

Fashion Avenue

2nd Floor

The showroom contributed to a spatial effect that calms the mind, along with balanced elements that enhance the senses. For the showroom, we emphasized light as being the main factor because of the way it manipulated the earthy and futuristic masses of travertine stone and epoxy resin respectively. While both elements are distinctly opposite, they seamlessly transition from one to the other. However, the lighting didn't take away from the real star of the show, the garments.

For the showroom, simplicity had a lead role in defining the ambiance and mood, as the contrast was defined between the rough patterns and texture that was implemented for the

exterior and the smoother finish of the floors. The façade in the boutique was a result of some experimentation with new materials and elements; prefabricated cement panels were delicately transformed using a patented molding technology to produce an interesting wave-like pattern and texture that would play upon the senses.


Dubai Design District

Building 7

Showroom A208